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The overriding issues are how we got “HERE”
and how we can “GET OUT” of “HERE”

Never in recent times has change been forced upon us so swiftly as it has this past year. While that change was without option, it has presented us with the unique opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities and how we live our lives. One thing is for sure the NEW normal is quite different from anything we have known before.

The NEW normal has us considering ways to protect ourselves from EXPOSURE to an almost invisible foe. And to the largest extent we have done that well. Statistics reveal that those who are overweight, have comorbidities (other chronic illnesses) or the frailest among us are most susceptible.

And therein lies the OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE!

Our population is living longer and not living healthier!
And that is a stark reality!

  • We are manipulated by the food and pharmaceutical giants and we gamble with the belief that great suffering will rather befall someone else.
  • We make unhealthy LIFESTYLE choices with what we consume in our daily diet. Stress is at an all time high for many and exercise seems to take a back seat.
  • And then for every ailment or condition there is another drug.
    Before we know it, we are in a never-ending spiral of bad choices and unsatisfactory solutions.

But all this CAN change!

  • Your HEALTH and your WELLNESS are for YOU to decide. No one else.
  • Yes, we may think that we can be dependent on insurers and governments but surely, they will fail us. For they are less concerned with WELLNESS than they may be with JUST keeping you ALIVE.
  • There is only one way to live and that is to LIVE HEALTHY. And it does mean that you cannot enjoy life and have fun. In fact, you will have more ENJOYMENT and more FUN!
  • Knowing what is good for YOU and what is NOT and making the right choices around those will lead YOU to your DESTINATION of TRUE WELLNESS!

Making these choices required COACHING and a SYSTEM that works. You may very well have at one time or another attempted aspects of change and did not quite get where you wanted to go. So often that happens because we either are doing it wrong or it is not right for us.

Well that problem is solved by having a professional team to COACH you with a SYSTEM that works.

And that is MyZest4Life™ – A Roadmap to Wellness that works!


  • Courage

  • Commitment

  • A Desire for Change

  • A Belief that you can!

Then, if you have…

  • The Right coach

  • The Right System

Your Wellness Destination can be Reached!

How do we do this?

  • Start off with a virtual or in office consultation
  • We will understand your situation and assess your needs
  • We will tailor make a WELLNESS program for you
  • We will be with you every step of the way
  • We will execute a results-driven plan with you over 2-6 months
  • And even after the program is done, we will be here for you!

Being PROACTIVE is the first step! It requires – MAKING THE CHOICE TO CHANGE!